Baja Country Club


The port city of Ensenada is experiencing as well as all other cities in the state of Baja California an unprecedented social, economic and cultural rebirth; which has allowed especially local families to enjoy once again everything their city has to offer: cultural events such as las fiestas de la vendimia (wine grapes harvest celebrations), the annual carnival, outdoor concerts, sporting events and museums.

At the same time the city continues to achieve national recognition for becoming one of Mexico’s safest cities; on the international arena Ensenada has recently enjoyed much media coverage particularly from American and European television shows that feature the city’s hospitality as well as its importance as an up and coming culinary destination; this recognition comes highly backed by the nearby wine county.

Ensenada hosts a huge array of outdoor recreational activities visitors can enjoy while visiting; some of the most popular include: sailing, sport fishing, hiking, kayaking, sand surfing, ecotourism, among many others.

Ensenada Baja Country