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The port city of Ensenada

Ensenada is experiencing as well as all other cities in the state of Baja California an unprecedented social, economic and cultural rebirth; which has allowed especially local families to enjoy once again everything their city has to offer: cultural events such as las fiestas de la vendimia (wine grapes harvest celebrations), the annual carnival, outdoor concerts, sporting events and museums.

At the same time the city continues to achieve national recognition for becoming one of Mexico’s safest cities; on the international arena Ensenada has recently enjoyed much media coverage particularly from American and European television shows that feature the city’s hospitality as well as its importance as an up and coming culinary destination; this recognition comes highly backed by the nearby wine county.

Ensenada hosts a huge array of outdoor recreational activities visitors can enjoy while visiting; some of the most popular include: sailing, sport fishing, hiking, kayaking, sand surfing, ecotourism, among many others.


Wine country

A few miles northwest of Baja Country Club we can find the most important wine country in Mexico, it is comprised by the Guadalupe and San Antonio de las Minas valleys; also, by the Santo Tomas and San Vicente valleys to the south. The climate conditions of the region are very similar to those Mediterranean climates which greatly favor the wine grapes harvest as well as their byproducts.

The most relevant season for the local vineyards is known as fiestas de la vendimia (harvest celebrations), they take place every August and September. The region has experienced an increase in popularity thanks to such celebrations which include a wide range of social activities such as outdoor concerts, grape stomping, barbecues, contests, wine tastings and raffles. As a result of the harvest season there has been an increase in Mexican wine consumption.

Besides the harvest celebrations and the excellent wines; vineyards offer guided tours to their facilities, wine tastings and food pairings; all this contributes to the region’s popularity as a tourist destination; whether a day trip or a longer stay, every visitor can enjoy the nice weather, the beauty of the vineyards as well as all culinary and cultural options the region has to offer.

Gastronomia en Ensenada


Just as the city’s social, economic, cultural and artistic rebirth takes place, the local cuisine has become the most recognized industry which many say it’s currently experiencing its golden age.

The national and international media coverage has made of Ensenada an undeniable culinary destination for contemporary Mexican cuisine. In such luck Baja Country Club’s residents have the unique opportunity to enjoy an amazing range of local, fresh, organic and craft products as well as exciting new restaurants, celebrated chefs and awarded street food just a few minutes away from their homes.


Being a coastal town, Ensenada offers its residents and visitors the opportunity to practice many aquatic activities among which sport fishing stands out. There are several local companies that offer daily fishing excursions. Also, there are many fishing clubs in the city as well as associations that promote the preservation of the species and the seas locally and in neighboring towns: Bahía de los Angeles, San Felipe, San Quintin, San Luis Gonzaga.

Mexico has allocated only 9 species for the practice of the sport, out of those the following species can be found in this coasts: White fish, dolphin fish, sail fish, sword fish and the many variations of Marlin fish; this definitely ensures every enthusiast a fun and challenging day out at sea.

eco turismo ensenada


The state offers vast and extraordinary natural landscapes of great beauty and scientific importance that feature greatly diverse flora and fauna. There are two places that stand out in the Ensenada region that possess such characteristics: The Sierra de San Pedro Martir and Constitucion de 1857 national parks.

Both national parks are highly dense and impressive wooden areas, said parks allow visitors to enjoy low impact activities such as camping, kayaking, rappel, hiking and climbing.

Also, a few miles from the residential development we find the natural attraction known as La bufadora a natural geyser of rock formations on the coast; where you can visit and appreciate its splendor overlooking from a manmade balcony or if you prefer kayak your way to the bottom of the geyser for another point of view.

Without a doubt Baja Country Club is the place to enjoy and preserve the natural attractions the region has to offer.


The city of Ensenada and its surroundings offer visitors and residents a vast artistic and cultural heritage that can be found in the main local museums and cultural centers like the Centro social, civico y cultural Riviera, El Centro Estatal de las Artes (CEARTE), Centro social, civico y cultural Riviera, El Centro Estatal de las Artes (CEARTE), Ensenada’s history museum, the regional history museum, the port museum and the recently opened wine museum.

Art galleries and entertainment centers house many of the contemporary artistic and cultural expressions of Ensenada’s society and showcase disciplines like music, dance, painting, sculpture, photography even culinary arts, graffiti and every other urban artistic expression.

Let’s not forget the annual cultural events that take place in Ensenada: Fiestas de la vendimia, carnival, baja offroad races, the state’s cultural festival, and many more.